Every one of our pieces is absolutely unique. Most of those shown here are no longer available.

However, please do contact us to help create a similar piece according to your taste.


Small plaques


Arizona Albatros AL18AZ 42x42 830 €Arizona Albatros AL18AZ 42x42 850 €   Madagascar Alouette  AL23MA  860 €Madagascar Alouette AL23MA  890 €   Arizona Ariane AR25AZ 65x38 1100 €Arizona Ariane AR25AZ 65x38
No More
  Madagascar Bayou BA25MA 57x44 790 €Madagascar Bayou BA25MA 57x44
790 €

Madagascar Icare IC23MA 51x45 725 €Madagascar Icare IC23MA 51x45
750 €
   Indonésie Orchis OR22IN 53x41 820 €Indonésie Orchis OR22IN 53x41
   Arizona Cratère CR28AZ 52x54 1470 €Arizona Cratère
CR28AZ 52x54
   Corail CO19IN 45x43 400 €Indonésie Corail CO19IN 45x43
440 €

   Arizona Grenadine GR25AZ 57x 44 1175 €Arizona Grenadine GR25AZ
57x 44
1790 €
   Arizona Hibou HI23AZ 54x42 1070 €Arizona Hibou
   Madagascar Magie MA24MA 52x46 880 €Magie MA24MA 52x46  
890 €
   Arizona Myrtille MY11AZ 35x30 420 €Arizona Myrtille
490 €
   Madagascar Cyclope CY25MA 60x42 925 €Madagascar Cyclope CY25MA 60x42 960 €

Arizona Papillon PA20AZ 49x40 920 €Arizona Papillon
PA20AZ 49x40
950 €
  Arizona Perle PE12AZ 35x35 485 €Arizona Perle PE12AZ 35x35 420 €   Arizona Toro TO19AZ 46x42 760 €Arizona Toro TO19AZ 46x42
790 €
   Arizona Velours VE16AZ 42x37 690 €Arizona Velours VE16AZ 42x37

Arizona Délice DE16AZ 49x32 690€Arizona Délice
DE16AZ 49x32 690€
   Arizona Big Bang CY30AZ 1605 €Arizona Big Bang
CY30AZ 63x47 2090 €

Medium size plaques


Arizona Roxane RX36AZ 73x49 2150 €Arizona Roxane RX36AZ 73x49

   Madagascar Forest FO41MA 66x62 1930 €Madagascar Forest FO41MA 66x62

   Arizona Racine RA55AZ 82x67 1260 €Arizona Racine RA55AZ 82x67

   Madagascar Imagine NN44MA 74x60 1950 €Madagascar Imagine NN44MA 74x60

   Madagascar Layon LA44MA 75x59 1950 €Madagascar Layon LA44MA 75x59


Arizona Lips LI41AZ 89x46 1500 €Arizona Lips LI41AZ 89x46

   Arizona Météore ME37AZ 86x43 1355 €Arizona Météore ME37AZ 86x43

   Indonésie Sépia SP48IN 74X65 1260 €Indonésie Sépia SP48IN 74X65

   Madagascar Vénus VE44MA 66x66 2060 €Madagascar Vénus VE44MA 66x66         Indonésie Octopus OC36IN 65x56 Indonésie Octopus
OC36IN 65x56 NO MORE

Arizona Vésuve VE39AZ 75x52 1840 €Arizona Vésuve VE39AZ 75x52


Large plaques


Arizona Cyclade CY56AZ 78x70 3360 €Arizona Cyclade CY56AZ 78x70

   Madagascar He Tree HT83MA 122x68 5460 €Madagascar He Tree HT83MA 122x68

 Arizona Lutèce LU100AZ 130x77 6825 €Arizona Lutèce LU100AZ 130x77

  Madagascar Albane AL59MA 81x74 2825 €Madagascar Albane AL59MA 81x74     Arizona Atlas AT60AZ 80x75 3465 €Arizona Atlas AT60AZ 80x75 NO MORE  

Arizona Big Black BB116AZ 130x89 7290 €Arizona Big Black BB116AZ 130x89

   Arizona Dino DI61AZ 110x55 3465 €Arizona Dino
DI61AZ 110x55

  Arizona Galaxie GA68AZ 96x71 3940 €Arizona Galaxie GA68AZ 96x71

  Arizona Lascaux LA121AZ 126x96 8255 €Arizona Lascaux LA121AZ 126x96 
   Arizona Meeting ME68AZ 98x69 3885 €Arizona Meeting ME68AZ 98x69

   Arizona Mosaïque MO55AZ 85x65 3770 €Arizona Mosaïque MO55AZ 85x65
  Arizona Nocturne NO72AZ 98x73 4505 €Arizona Nocturne NO72AZ 98x73
  Arizona Sunset SU56AZ 105x53 3495 €Arizona Sunset

  Arizona Cinq Coeurs CC80AZ 98x82 5460 €Arizona  Cinq Coeurs CC80AZ 98x82   
  Indonésie Picasso PC71IN 97x73Indonésie Picasso
   Indonésie Dragon DR92IN 104x88Indonésie Dragon

Indonesie Ghost GH92IN 101x92Indonesie Ghost
GH92IN 101x92
   Indonésie Crystal CY51IN 79x62Indonésie Crystal
   Indonésie Crystal CY51IN 79x62 Eclairée par l'arrièreIndonésie Crystal
Light Behind


Stool Indonesie 1Stool Indonesie 2Stool Indonesie 3Stool Indonesie 4Stool Indonesie 5Stool Indonesie 6Stool Indonesie 7

Conditions of sale

For ready-made plaques : 40% deposit with order, balance on delivery – within 2 weeks

For plaques to be created : 30% deposit with order, balance on delivery – within a maximum of 3 months

Postage & delivery : per quote, according to distance (France and abroad) and depending on plaque size

Packing & packaging : quote example for a 90cm x 80cm plaque (France only) : 60€

A Certificate of Authenticity will be presented on demand, showing plaque number, country of origin and age.

Plaques of reduced depth for wall display : -15% off price shown

Our various pedestals, table legs and stands (please ask for a quote) :

  • plaque on a stand : wood, stone, metal
  • on a pedestal : short , tall
  • plaque for a coffee table : 3 legs made out of solid wood, encrusted, or stand leg made out of glass, metal or wood
  • Other items: dining room tables, consoles, furniture, picture frames, panels...